How We’re Different

Honoring Our Fallen is not like other Veterans support services in place right now. We provide support for Families of Our Fallen specifically during the Transfer of Dignified Remains. ​

Our support comes in directly after the Next of Kin (NOK) notification. As soon as we find out that a loved one is returning home for burial, we immediately determine the family’s needs and requests.

After working in Southern California to support the Families of our Fallen Heroes, Laura Herzog realized that Casualty Assistance Officers (Army) and Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (Marines) have quite a bit of work on their hands when one of our Heroes is returned home. Even though these casualty officers want to help the Families more than they do now, they have military requirements they must fulfill. Laura’s help has bridged the gap between the military and the Families she supports. Through her work with the military, she also realized she wanted to assist our other Heroes – Police, Fire, and Rescue Heroes – who sacrifice their safety and time away from their Family every day to protect us at home.

We support our military Families where support is needed, and how it’s requested. We also strive to link organizations who provide other support services – counseling, financial support, housing assistance, etc. – with Families who need it.

Every situation is different and every Family is different — but they are all Heroes — and deserve proper respect during the most difficult time of their lives.