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A Flag For Every Hero

Annual Memorial / Veteran’s Day Flag Project

Memorial Day is the day we honor our Fallen Heroes and Veteran’s Day is the day we honor all military veterans, Honoring Our Fallen is working collaboratively with Anaheim Police Association, Riverside County Sheriffs Department, Orange County Coalition of Police & Sheriffs (OC Cops) and the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), and many local donors and volunteers to honor more than 250,000 Heroes with flags in their honor this year.​ Honoring Our Fallen seeks volunteers to assist in purchasing and placing flags out on gravesites at Riverside National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

Riverside National Cemetery is the only national cemetery in the Southern California area that has no organized effort to do this. The sheer size of the cemetery (250,000+ gravesites) makes it virtually impossible for the cemetery to fund such a program. The public is welcome to participate in placing flags out on gravesites for Memorial Day; however, the cemetery requires it to be done at the volunteer’s sole expense. Sadly, because of this, at least half of the gravesites are left empty each year.

Your generous gifts help each and every gravesite proudly display an 8” x 12” US flag:

  • $100 gift will purchase 200 flags
  • $250 gift will purchase 500 flags
  • $500 gift will purchase 1000 flags
  • $1000 gift will purchase 2000 flags

Our service members have dedicated their lives to protecting this great country we live in. Your gift will have a significant impact on helping us to honor these men and women this Memorial Day by placing a flag on their gravesite. Thank you for partnering with us to show support for our service members, past and present!

Donations can be made by clicking “donate” or mailed to:

Honoring Our Fallen
12111 St Mark Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845

For further questions regarding this program please email:


Hero Missions

Our support comes in directly after the Next of Kin (NOK) notification. As soon as we find out that a loved one is returning home for burial, we immediately determine the family’s needs and requests.

We work to help bridge the gap between the military, funeral home, community, and family. We also stand to assist our other Heroes – Police, Fire, and Rescue Heroes – who sacrifice their safety and time away from their family every day to protect us at home.

We have established relationships with local Patriot Guard members, local law enforcement and firefighters to ensure the Fallen Hero receives a motorcade to the burial site and other services appropriate to them and their families. We support our military families where support is needed, and how it’s requested upon receipt of our list of services. We also strive to link organizations who provide other support services – counseling, financial support, housing assistance, etc. – with families who need it.

Every situation is different and every family is different — but they are all heroes — and deserve proper respect during the most difficult time of their lives.

Casualty Officers may contact us 24/7 at 800-796-6359 for support.

Women's empowerment retreat

Random “Acts of Love”

We want to share love and kindness where ever we have an opportunity. Families of our fallen register here on our web-site and we work with our volunteers here in the office to surprise them with a “A Random Act Of Love”.

Everyday is Memorial Day to the families of our fallen and they don’t need a special date on the calendar to wake up or be reminded sometime throughout the day about their loss. So we work to surprise them on a random day throughout the year with a special package reminding them they are remembered and loved. That their families sacrifice is never forgotten.

If you would like to get involved with this program let us know by registering as a volunteer and listing random acts of love as the program your interested in.

Honoring Our Fallen Retreats

We are honored to hold 6 annual retreats for surviving family members. Our retreats are an opportunity for us to help to build and strengthen relationships for mothers, widows, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and other ladies who have joined a group that none of them wanted to be forced into.

Between family, work, church, school, and personal commitments, there’s never enough time to devote to these relationships that we believe are critical for the journey of grief and loss.

We believe it is important for us to create an opportunity where these women can come and connect with other women, relax, get pampered, and most of all be strengthened with hope.

We also hold several events annually for fathers and the family to attend and those notifications will be e-mailed to those registered on our site and shared via social media and other ways as they are scheduled.

⭐”Do one thing every day that makes you happy”⭐

Women's empowerment retreat